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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The acclimatization potential of selected ornamental foliage house plantsto contrasting light environmentsBeneragama, C.K.
1984Accumulation of aflatoxins in rice in relation to processing and storage in Sri LankaVithanage, A.K.
2005Accumulation of cadmium in intensive vegetable growing soils in the Up countryPremarathna, H.M.P.L.; Hettiarachchi, G.M.; Indraratne, S.P.
2003Adaptability of pineapple varieties to climate and edaphic parameters in selected agroecological zones of Sri LankaHeenkenda, H.M.S.
1998Adoption of agronomic practices in coffee:an evaluation on farmers' perspectivesSeneviratne, M.A.P.K.; Shephard, D.D.
1990Adoption of non-chemical pest control methods in chilli and brinjal by Jaffna farmersGnanachandran, S.; Sivayoganathan, C.
1996Adsorption of paraquat in selected Sri Lankan soilsRatnayake, J.I.L.B.; Kumaragamage, D.
1996Aetiology and control of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) yellow mottle virus diseaseDe Silva, D.P.P.; Jones, P.; Shaw, M.W.
2004Ageing and anatomical influence on seed storability in rice (Oryza sativa L.) hybrids and parental linesRamanadane, T.; Ponnuswamy, A.S.
1997Aggregate stability of major soils in the wet zone of Sri LankaJayalath, K.D.D.; Mapa, R.B.
2001Aggregate stability of soils of the intermediate zone of Sri LankaRajapaksha, K.L.N.; Mapa, R.B.; Dassanayake, A.R.
1999Agricultural price policies and soil conservation:a steady state comparative static analysisGunatilake, H.M.; Vieth, G.R.
1986Agricultural production and adoption of innovations by encroachers and settlersUluwita, S.
2002Agro-climatic approach to minimize risk associated with water scarcity in different locations of Matara district in Sri LankaNavaratne, C.M.; Weerasinghe, K.D.N.
2000Agrobacterium -mediated transformation of common bean (phaseolus vulgaris) var. topcropSuresh, K.Y.; Weerawardena, T.E.; Bandara, J.M.R.S.
2003Agrobacterium mediated transfer of bacillus thuringiensis 6E cry gene to ixora odorataBamunuarachchige, T.C.
2007Agrobacterium mediated transfer of Bacillus thuringiensis strain 6e Cry gene to Ixora odorata var. vulcan: A comparison of tissuesAlahakoon, U.I.A.; Herath, H.M.V.G.; Abeyrathna, P.K.; Karunatileke, R.W.M.V.W.N.C.; Silva, U.K.Y.; Bamunuarachchige, T.C.; Bandara, J.M.R.S.
2002Agrobacterium mediated transfer of synthetic cry 1 gene to rice calli of BG 380Perera, M.W.P.; Bamunuarchige, T.C.; Careem, R.; Silva, U.K.Y; Bandara, J.M.R.S.
1984Agronomic constraints on yields of cowpea, groundnut, chilli and onion grown in North-West Sri LankaWeerasinghe, M.P.J.
1986Agronomic constraints to farmers' rice yields in Pimburattewa colonization scheme, Mahaweli System 'B'Nilmalgoda, E.R.U.W.