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PGIATAR_27_3_229.pdf.jpg2016A comparison between farmers’ and breeders’ varietal selection for cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l). walp) improvementMillawithanachchi, M.C.; Sumanasinghe, V.A.; Bentota, A.P.; Samaranayake, B.N.; Prathapasinghe, N.T.
PGIATAR_26_3_456.pdf.jpg2015A comparison on termite assemblages in coffee and teak plantations and semi-evergreen forest - a case study in north Wayanad,Kerala, IndiaBhavana, K.V.; Poovoli, A.; Rajmohana, K.; Shweta, M.
PGIATAR_29_4_348.pdf.jpg2018A gendered analysis on adaptation to resettlement stress: case studies from Deduru oya reservoir project in Sri LankaJayasiri, M.M.J.G.C.N.; Diyawadana, D.M.N.; Samarakoon, S.M.L.D.; Pathmarajah, S.; Dayawansa, N.D.K.
PGIATAR_26_2_409.pdf.jpg2015A preliminary investigation on methods of reducing antibiotic resistant bacteria in broiler litter in selected farms in mid country,Sri LankaHerath, E.M.; Dandeniya, W.S.; Samarasinghe, A.G.S.I.; Bandara, T.P.M.S.D.; Jinadasa, R.N.
PGIATAR_29_1_55.pdf.jpg2017A protocol for in-vitro direct plant regeneration from leaf tissues for micropropagation of sugarcaneBalagalla, D.N.; Wijesuriya, A.; Ranathunge, N.P.; Perera, A.M.M.S.
PGIATAR_27_2_137.pdf.jpg2016Above ground biomass estimation of mangroves located in Negombo -Muthurajawela wetland in Sri Lanka using alos palsar imagesGunawardena, A.R.; Nissanka, S.P.; Dayawansa, N.D.K.; Fernando, T.T.
PGIATAR_27_2_182.pdf.jpg2016Abundance and diversity of sea cucumbers in point pedro coastal waters in Jaffna peninsula of Sri LankaVeronika, K.; Edrisinghe, U.; Sivashanthini, K.; Athauda, A.R.S.B.
557594-AB.pdf.jpg2006The acclimatization potential of selected ornamental foliage house plantsto contrasting light environmentsBeneragama, C.K.
378478-AB.pdf.jpg1984Accumulation of aflatoxins in rice in relation to processing and storage in Sri LankaVithanage, A.K.
PGIATAR-17-93.pdf.jpg2005Accumulation of cadmium in intensive vegetable growing soils in the Up countryPremarathna, H.M.P.L.; Hettiarachchi, G.M.; Indraratne, S.P.
PGIATAR_30_2_75.pdf.jpg2019Adaptability of dolichos bean (lablab purpureus (l.) sweet) recombinant inbred lines across locations representing eastern and southern dry zones of KarnatakaRamesh, P.S.; Marappa, N.; Mahadevu, P.; Kanavi, M.S.P.
556921-AB.pdf.jpg2003Adaptability of pineapple varieties to climate and edaphic parameters in selected agroecological zones of Sri LankaHeenkenda, H.M.S.
PGIATAR_27_1_95.pdf.jpg2015Adjusting variables in constructing composite indices by using principal component Analysis :illustrated by Colombo district dataDharmawardena, J.S.N.P.; Thattil, R.O.; Samita, S.
PGIATAR-10-143.pdf.jpg1998Adoption of agronomic practices in coffee:an evaluation on farmers' perspectivesSeneviratne, M.A.P.K.; Shephard, D.D.
PGIATAR-2-232.pdf.jpg1990Adoption of non-chemical pest control methods in chilli and brinjal by Jaffna farmersGnanachandran, S.; Sivayoganathan, C.
PGIATAR_26_2_395.pdf.jpg2015Adsorption Characteristics of Cadmium and Lead Heavy Metals into locally synthesized chitosan biopolymerUnagolla, J.M.; Adikary, S.U.
PGIATAR-8-78.pdf.jpg1996Adsorption of paraquat in selected Sri Lankan soilsRatnayake, J.I.L.B.; Kumaragamage, D.
PGIATAR-8-401.pdf.jpg1996Aetiology and control of black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) yellow mottle virus diseaseDe Silva, D.P.P.; Jones, P.; Shaw, M.W.
PGIATAR-16-37.pdf.jpg2004Ageing and anatomical influence on seed storability in rice (Oryza sativa L.) hybrids and parental linesRamanadane, T.; Ponnuswamy, A.S.
PGIATAR-9-276.pdf.jpg1997Aggregate stability of major soils in the wet zone of Sri LankaJayalath, K.D.D.; Mapa, R.B.